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Most women don’t like to tell their husbands that they are not in the mood. Not being in the mood for sex can happen to anybody. It even happens to cheap London escorts from time to time. London escorts who are in long term relationships often tell stories about not being in the mood or not wanting sex. It is not something that you should feel guilty about. There are numerous reasons for not wanting sex every night before you go to bed. Hormones play a role but so do many other factors.

Women often develop coping strategies when they don’t want to have sex. London escorts probably get as many headaches as other women do. Yes, it is true, even London escorts use the tried and tested trick of complaining of a headache. When those headache events become more frequent that is when you realise that you may have a problem in your relationship. Of course, the advantage of using the headache trick, is that it is hard to prove that you actually have a headache.

Another trick that women often try, is faking sleep. This often happens when your husband comes home late at night or you both go to bed early to watch a movie. It is not that unusual, and according to London escorts, most women are pretty good at it. Is a trick that a man would use? Very seldom you will find that men pretend that they don’t want to have sex. But when you have been working for London escorts for a while, you do start to appreciate that not all men are wired in the same way. Just like women, they may not want to have sex all of the time.

What else do women get up to? When you are the kind of lady who likes to have a bath before she goes to bed, you may have an extra long bath. Once you are finally ready to go to bed, you may find that your husband or partner is asleep. You sort of creep into bed carefully in order not to wake him up. The London escorts that we spoke to said that this is rather a discreet trick. The idea of it is to make sure that you get the timing right. You need to realise that some men are turned on by women who have just come out of the bath.

The truth is that women have endless coping strategies when it comes to saying no to sex without uttering the words “not tonight, darling.” Are there men who pick up on this rather subtle game? Of course there are men who realise what is going on. As London escorts say, you should never underestimate men’s senses. Once they have spent some time around women, they do appreciate that women have all sorts of tricks up their sleeves. If your wife or partner has a certain trick, why don’t you share it with us. We would love to hear from you and make sure that we hand out the best relationship advice.

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